Fake Azarbaijan (Aran) regime attacked Lezgian Mosque

Appeal of Lezgian Sunni Mosque The Sunni Community of “Lezgian Mosque” , that is the main in Lezgian Cultural Centre “Samur” has deep historical roots in Azerbaijan . It was built in 1169 by mason-builder, whos name was Ashur ibn Ibragim , this date is marked on the wall plate and in scripture (in clearly-stone way to ancient Arabic lettering) inside the Mosque.Although, according to Muslim tradition , the first Muslims, who sponsored construction of the Mosque are not mentioned, but, in proceedings of such historians as S.Ashurbekov( “History of Baku City”), I.Sumbatzade( “History of Baku”) and I.Scheblikin( “Historical Monuments of Baku in the era of Nizami” ( 1943 г )). Mentioned the “Lezgian Mosque” (built in 1169) in total area of 60 m2 . I.Scheblikin, in his works mentioned not only “Lezgian Mosque, but, although, he recalls on works of such historians, as Levitin(1939) and Kempler ,that visited Azerbaijan in 18 century. Although, it is known, that the “Lezgian Mosque”( in a single ensemble of architectural monuments of “Icheri-Sheher”) listed in UNESCO in Lists of Worlds heritages, adopted in 2000 in Australian city named Kern. After Azrebaijans taking on the sovereignty, the Sunni Community of “Lezgian Mosque” was founded in Lezgians Cultural Centre “Samur” and then the Community passed appropriate registration in Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan in 1993.

Due to the last changes in 2009 in the Law on “Freedom of Religion” of the Azerbaijan Republic (AR) all religious communities are required to reregister their communities in the State Committee for Religious Affairs of AR. In the process of preparing and submitting documents for re-registration community in accordance with the new Act, we, together with the chairman of the Sunni community of “Lezgi Mosque”, appealed to the Committee on Religious Affairs, that sent us to the Office of Caucasus Muslims. Religious official viewed all papers and agreed with them, but for some reason sent us to get a conclusion(that is not specified in the Act) from some Ghazi Hikmet that was in the “Bibiheybet ” Mosque. In 08.12.2009 , being forced to contact to Hikmet(who is Shia(shiit)) , we got an answer from him:::”Go and change the name of the Mosque on the Ashurbek Mosque, because there wasn’t any Lezgins in “Ichery-Sheher”(Inner City) ever …While(unless) you rename it, you can not come.”.So, he did not take into account that there are no mentions of the fact that we have set the name of our Mosque(it’s the historical name) and if it is necessary, it must be done by civil servants. So, received purely formal rejection, we realized that against our “Lezgian Mosque” and our Community, as well as other Sunni Communities, prepared the real and specific baiting in order to remove the historical name of the Mosque and to drive our community, that is considered to be closed completely, or, instead it intends to introduce there though small in number, but the Shiite community.So, (in this letter)we officially notified Sheyulislama Allahshukur Pashazade about this situation and we asked him to take actions, but, alas, we haven’t received any reply or reaction to the letter.

(Now) similar actions are taken against Sunni Mosque “Abu Bakr” and other Sunni Communities in the suburbs of Gobustan, Alyats and in Mushfigabade, more than that such Mosques as “Abu Bakr” and “Shahidlyar” are closed. Although, whole package of claimed documents (our docs) was submitted to the Office of Caucasus Muslims intime, so, we were explained that if our Community will not be officially reregistrated till the end of December of 2009 – then, thanks to the acts of Ghazi Hikmet, our Community will be illegial since 2010 !!!!!

There is too little time to left, more than that, appropriate bodies(despite the tension) are doing nothing, so there is probability, that provocations and discrimination will influence the Sunni Community in the worst way and will entail serious consequences.

The Sunni Community of “Lezgian Mosque” ,

In Lezgian Cultural Centre “Samur”.

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